Medical/Dental Offices

Medical Cleaning goes way beyond just cleaning the surfaces. That's why a "surface clean" isn't enough for running an established and successful medical office, as we need to think about health and safety of your staff members who work in this setting day-to-day while protecting patients too!

Fitness Facilities/Gyms

Gym environments are magnets for bacteria, germs and dust. Partnering with a cleaning service that knows how to keep your health club pristine will go a long way in protecting both you as well as those who frequent the space! We use disinfectants specifically designed by professionals so no one is ever exposed when we go about our business of making sure everything stays spic-and span clean all day everyday

Office Spaces

A professional office cleaning service can provide your employees and visitors with a clean workspace to increase productivity, elevate the perception of brand awareness in society. This ultimately helps you maximize profits by raising bottom line!

Commercial Buildings

Landlords, facilities managers and property owners know the importance of attracting new tenants. A key part in doing so is making sure your indoor sanitation standards are up to par with what people expect from their living spaces - which means you need professional cleaning services for when they move-in day or before tenant screenings begin! Partnering with "The Clean Agenda" means that you can leave the cleaning to us!

Car Dealerships

The first impression your customers get when they walk into the store is important. You need to make sure that everything about it says “ welcome” and gives an excellent auto buying experience from start-to finish! Our cleaning services help give this image for you, boosting both reputation as well as sales in order create great memories with each customer who enters through our doors.

Vacation Rentals

It is essential that vacation rental cleaning and maintenance is a priority in the management of your daily activities. Guests will be uncompromising about the cleanliness of your property and will not hesitate to post their disappointment in reviews on your website or in your advertising if there is a problem. Partner with us and you won't ever have to worry about scheduling cleaning again!