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The Clean Agenda is a full-service janitorial and cleaning company. We provide top-quality service to businesses in the Sarasota and Charlotte County, Florida area. Our focus is on making your business shine through meticulous cleaning and customer service that goes the extra mile. Contact us today to schedule a walk through!

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5 Reasons to Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service

1. Fewer distractions
When you have a clean and organized office, it can help you to feel more focused and less distracted.

2. Improved morale

Employees who work in a clean and well-organized office tend to have higher morale than those who work in a cluttered and disorganized office.

3. Reduced sick days

Studies have shown that having a clean workplace can help to reduce the number of sick days taken by employees. This is because a clean workplace helps to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, which can lead to illness.

4. Enhanced professional image
First impressions are important, and potential clients or customers will often form an opinion of your business based on your office environment.

5. Increased productivity
A clean and organized office can help to increase employee productivity as it can minimize distractions and allow employees to focus on their work.

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  • Reliable

    We offer a 100% Professionalism Guarantee on all of our services. What does that mean? When you partner with us, you can be sure that your commercial space is in good hands with a reliable, consistent and professional cleaning service for your commercial space.

  • Consistent

    At The Clean Agenda, we understand that a clean commercial space is important for both your customers and your employees. That's why we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services that you can count on.

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  • Professional

    We pride ourselves on professional customer service! We guarantee that our cleaners will treat your business premises with the utmost respect and care - additionally, we are licensed, insurinsured and bonded so you can feel even more conficonfident hiring us!